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Essie Spring 2016 Collection & Competition

Exciting news! As we say goodbye to the grey of winter, essie released new limited edition Spring 2016 Collection - six shades inspired by Palm Beach, Florida, to get everyone in a sunshine state of mind. I have 3 of them: lounge lover, shades on and pool side service. They all have beautiful creamy finishes and a high shine gloss. Striking the perfect balance between fashion forward and retro-glamour, this collection is bold, bright and up for anything.

Essie Spring Collection 2016 set include: 
  • High Class Affair - a nude pink creme.
  • Lounge Lover - a rose pink creme.
  • Sunshine State of Mind - a bright orange/pink creme.
  • Off Tropic - a dark forest green creme.
  • Pool side Service - a sage green creme.
  • Shades On - a purple creme.

                                                              Pool side Service, Lounge Lover, Shades On

There is a little competition going on. Essie and photographer Rankin are partnering to celebrate beautifully painted nails, and the stunning, stylish spectrum of essie’s collection with their long-awaited ‘Colour Portrait Studio’.
Designed to bring confidence to women every day, the incredible nail colour range features over 900 colours globally, and is at the heart of the Colour Portrait Studio, opening for one day only on at a secret Central London location. Hundreds of colours will be brought to life on the day, where colour confident women from across the country will have their own slice of stardom at their fingertips.
Attendees at this coveted event will be treated like VIPs from start to finish, having their nails polished by essie manicurists, and their hair and make-up professionally done ahead of their very own once-in-a-lifetime photo shoot with Rankin. 

Essie is offering everyone the chance to secure a place and be polished and snapped like a star. This unique opportunity will be open until the 28th April, so you have 7 more days!
Attendees will leave with their very own colour portrait by Rankin….starring their beautiful essie nails! 
High Class Affair, Shades On, Pool side Service, Lounge Lover, Off Tropic, Sunshine State of Mind
To enter the competition, simply follow essie on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and upload your best nail selfie using #essiexrankin and @essieuk. 

There are some top tips from lead manicurist Rita Remark to guarantee your nail selfie is as fabulous as you are:

· Before painting your nails, clean thoroughly with soap and water to remove all dirt and residue from your nails…it also doesn’t hurt to use a bit of hand sanitizer too

· Always use a base coat – not only does it anchor your polish, but it also protects your nails like a shield. This is an essential step for the perfect mani!

· Remember nobody’s perfect! If you colour outside of the lines, just take a make-up brush dipped in a little bit of nail polish remover, and it wipes away like it never happened. Just make sure you remember to wash it thoroughly before using it again!

Entry to the Colour Portrait Studio closes on the 28th April, for full terms and conditions visit

The essie Spring 2016 Collection will be available to buy in Superdrug, Boots, and online at and from 13th April – 30th May 2016.

VLOG: Spring in Paris | Весна в Париже

I promise to upload lots of photos from Paris, bit for now - enjoy my vlog.
RUS: Я обещаю поскорее выложить больше фото из Парижа, а пока наслаждайтесь влогом.

Meet me in Paris | Париж

Paris is always a good idea.

audrey hepburn

While I'm editing vlog from Paris, I decided to share with you couple photos, so  you can imagine how beautiful this city is in spring.

Blooming London | Цветущий Лондон

London is blooming, so I want to share with some photos instead of weekly vlog. Enjoy :)

RUS: Лондон сейчас необыкновенно красив, потому я решила поделиться с вами некоторыми фотографиями, так как влог я не снимала:)

Spring in London | Весна в Лондоне

Just a little sneak peek about what's happening in London right now.

RUS: Кратко о том, что сейчас происходит в Лондоне.



Easter 2015 collection

Have a look how cute new LUSH Easter Collection is! Lovely bunch of carrots (£5.95 for 3 (!) carrots) and these Eggception bath bombs (£6.95 each) which can be cracked like an egg in half and inside you find a hidden surprise - mini bath bomb shaped like either a Easter rabbit or chick! 
Golden Egg, beautiful gift sets.. I want it all:)

Spring is here | Весна пришла

Spring is finally here: flowers, birds and all signs of life.  I can't describe how  happy I am when it's sunny outside. Walking in the parks, more travelling and I can finally start biking again. It's hard not to get excited for spring, isn't it?

Завтрак у Тиффани.. | Breakfast at Tiffany's..

Весна в Лондоне - невероятна.
С его цветущими парками, чарующей архитектурой и знаменитыми достопримечательностями, весна в Лондоне, это когда  искусство и жизнь сливаются воедино.  Весеннее солнце и пьянящий аромат цветущей вишни и магнолии на улицах.. Весной город пробуждается обновленным, шумный мегаполис..
Ни один другой сезон не может быть более жизнеутверждающим и бодрящим: встречи с друзьями на кофе в Covent Garden, свежие фрукты и овощи на Borough Market, чтение любимой книги в Regency park.
Часами можно блуждать по городу держась за руки, бродить по мощеным переулкам, открывая для себя новые пабы, бутики, задние дворики, цветочные киоски, патисеррии и галереи. И это так  романтично..

С появлением весеннего солнышка и пьянящего аромата вишни, я вдохновилась музыкой из кинофильма "Завтрак у Тиффани" и так появился этот нежный look.
Я уже опробовала мятный лак на ногтях и решила, что пора двигаться дальше.

Блузка очень легкая, полупрозрачная, с интересным вырезом. Добавляю к ней нежный кулончик в форме сердечка и я готова к завтраку у Тиффани..

Блузка - Romwe
Кулончик - Sammydress
Джинсы - Topshop
Сумка - Sammydress

Spring in London is incredible.
With its parks, seductive architecture and iconic landmarks, spring in London is where art and art converge. With all this spring sun and the heady scent of the cherry blossoms all over the streets, spring is when the city awakens revitalised, re-establishing itself as a busting metropolis.
No other season is more life-affirming and invigorating: a meeting friends for coffee at Covent Garden, shopping vegetables in Borough market, reading novel in Regency park.
Hours can be spent meandering hand in hand through cobbled side streets, discovering new pubs, boutiques, hidden courtyards,  flower stalls, patisseries and art galleries. And this in itself is deeply romantic..

I was inspired by the music from "Breakfast at Tiffany's" and that was how this gentle look appeared.
I already tried mint nail polish and decided it was time to move on.
Blouse is very light, translucent, with an interesting neckline. Just add gentle heart shaped necklace  and I'm ready for breakfast at Tiffany's..

Blouse - Romwe
Necklace - Sammydress
Jeans - Topshop
Bag - Sammydress

Photos by

Benefit Cosmetics (UK)
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