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Less is More

daniel wellington 

You know how much I love Daniel Wellington watches with their "less is more" design. So this time I went for something more colourful for summer - Classy Winchester in silver. This one is a new release - slightly larger watchcase of 34 mm from the Classy Collection. It has beautiful Swarovski crystal index, very feminine and bright.

Birchbox February 2015 | Февральская коробочка Birchbox

Birchbox* have introduced their new Slimbox which is much smaller than the normal Birchbox as it's only 3.5cm high. No more missed parcels or damaged boxes, because new Slimbox is slim enough to fit through a standard sized post box. 
The Slimbox will contain the same value samples. New subscribers can choose if they would prefer the slimbox or the classic one and existing subscribers can switch from February.
When I opened my Birchbox, I was pleasantly surprised with this months contents.

В этом месяце Birchbox презентовал новый формат коробочки - Slimbox, которая намного меньше предыдущей, по размерам она как раз проходит в почтовый ящик.

Daniel Wellington watch | Часы Daniel Wellington

I've been looking recently at picking up a Daniel Wellington watch, as I really like the clean design.
Я  давно заглядывалась на часы Daniel Wellington, так как мне очень нравился из дизайн.
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