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PINK MOLéCULE. The Heartless one.

"My vision is to create fragrances that encapsulate Scandinavia, and my approach is to fuse classic French perfumery with stringent, Nordic molecular science. Not so different from a painting or work of music, a great fragrance is a composition." Zarko Ahlmann Pavlov

Zarko Pavlov is the man behind Zarko Perfumes.  He is a  self taught perfumer and currently is Denmark’s only practising perfumer.  His niche perfume range currently consists of six fragrances which have been launched into the UK at Space NK.  


Zarko Perfumes incorporate the ‘molecules’ into their range and this is reflected in the names. I want to talk about Pink Molecule 090.09, The Heartless One.

Pink Molecule 090.09 was launched in 2014. The interpretation of the nordic elements fused with pink champagne is the foundation of this perfume. The warm breeze that comes in the spring mixed with water and the dark trees in Denmark. A fragrance that has a grand opening of innocence and purity, but with strong sensual undertones - like pink champagne. The fragrance is almost mineralic, in that it goes from the topnotes directly to the base notes.

TOPNOTES: Elderflower – Apricot – Black Orchid – Pink Molecules
BASENOTES: Mahogany – Cream Accord – Black Wood Accord


It's fresh but mainly a summer fragrance, because of sweet, juicy peaches with a sparkling note of champagne.
It's pink and feminine and has a summer type vibe in it, fizzy and cheery! This perfume has a pretty good longevity (about 14 hours),  I still smell it on my blouse the next morning from spraying yesterday!

Definitely worth investigating when you are next in SpaceNK.  The range retails for £75 for 100ml.

Italian Summer Fig | Новинка The Body Shop

Italian Summer FIG 

The body shop

“Close your eyes and be transported to the sun-soaked coasts of Puglia, Italy, where the green, juicy and addictive scent of fresh figs fills the air…”

The Body Shop are launching a new fragrance this Friday, 17th July. 

The scent is described as a fresh green fruity scent with tones of fig, grape leaves, tuscan rose and fresh amber. When you smell this fragrance, you can feel the taste of fresh fig…amazing!

LUSH 'The Experimenter' | Парфюмы

You know I am a big fan of Lush products and when Lush introduced their new ultra high definition film 'The Experimenter' I decided to share it with you. I have never seen anything like this before. Amazing.

Парфюм от Benefit ring my Bella

Всем привет!
На Новый год среди множества подарков я получила миниатюрку духов ring my Bella от Benefit и я нахожусь в легком шоке от того, насколько они приятно пахнут!

Композиция открывается нотами ромашки, лилии и розы. В "сердце" аромата пион и египетский жасмин. База аромата составлена из мускуса и ванили, дополненных мотивами пачули.

Но если честно, я не чувствую ничего из выше перечисленного, я чувствую всепоглощающий запах спелой груши! Да, да, именно груши! Невероятный запах теплого лета!

This was love at first sniff!! It takes ALOT for me to get excited about a new fragrance and this one had me hooked immediatly!! If you want to stand out and get compliments "Ring My Bella" is for you!

Top notes: pink rose petals, soft lily, summer daisy 
Middle notes: Egyptian jasmine, creamy peony 
Bottom notes: white patchouli, vanilla tincture, white musk.

Actually I don't feel any of that but engrossing smell of ripe pears. A-ma-zing! It smells like summer for me!

This fragrance makes me happy! When I apply this fragrance, I am smiling, cause my mood is so good :)

Jo Malone

Попробовав jo malone blackberry& bay я не смогла не заказать себе пробник! Невероятный сладкий аромат ежевики с небольшой кислинкой, пряность лавра и базовые ноты кедра, невероятно нежный и игривый аромат😍😍😍🍇 
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