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MAC lipstick collection

If you don't know I am a huge fan of MAC lipsticks, especially matte and today I'd love to share with you my MAC lipstick collection. I have 7 and I still want more. My favourite is Please Me, Diva and Ruby Woo. What's yours?

Please Me is a muted rosy tinted pink color in matte formulation, very pigmented and opaque. Unlike Mac Ruby Woo, Please Me is not extremely drying, but last for 4-5 hours without touch up. Please Me is very girly colour and perfect everyday shade that manages to brighten my face even without any other makeup on.

Ruby Woo is really matte, personally I find it too dry, so always use a lip balm. Although it's not easy to apply (it's ridiculously stiff), I really like how long lasting this lipstick is (around 5-6 hours, lasts over coffee and food).
Love this shade, it's the type of red that looks really gorgeous on most people. It's classic colour makes everything pop, definitely the best red lip colour ever. 
This lipstick does not need a long review as it is a gorgeous, true red. I would recommend this to everyone and anyone who was looking for the perfect red lips.

Diva is gorgeous berry plum shade with red undertones. This lipstick is my favourite for the Autumn and Winter due to the deep plum shade. 
It has quite a creamy texture, easy to apply and it did not dry out my lips. Although it is a matte lipstick, it leaves more satin finish - which is not a bad thing as for me. Nice colour which helps make your lips look fuller.
This lipstick emphasises any uneven or dry patches, so make sure to give the lips a light scrub before applying it and use lip balm too.

My TOP lipsticks for Fall | Помады на осень

I love fall because I can break out all my beautiful red, plums and berries. 

2. Nars - Dragon Girl 
4. Nars - Lana 
7. Lancome - 379N 

What are your favourite lipsticks for fall? 

RUS: Я люблю осень за то, что можно чаще носить мои любимые красные, сливовые и ягодные оттенки помад. 
В этом видео я подробнее расскажу о своих любимчиках на эту осень.

MAC Flat Out Fabulous | 50 оттенков красного

Mac  Flat Out Fabulous 


MAC Flat Out Fabulous  is a fuchsia plum shade from Mac's  Retro Matte lipstick range. One of the most unique lipsticks in my lipstick collection.

Formula is pretty much drying being retro matte, so be sure to moisturize your lips before applying. What is great about it? It lasts all day, so you don't need  to think of touching up lipstick every hour!


Mac  Lovelorn 


This lipstick is my perfect summer shade. The colour isn’t too bright that screams ‘look at me’ and it's not too pale. It's a great colour balance for everyday. 

Mac Please Me | 50 оттенков красного

Easy  to Please 

spring on your lips

I've already blogged about MAC Ruby Woo and Rimmel Wine 107 lipsticks — two great finds I discovered since I started my YouTube channel and today I want to share with you one more favourite lipstick from Mac - Please Me.


Mac Ruby Woo is  my favourite  retro matte red  lipstick.  

As it's really matte, personally I find it too dry, so always use a lip balm. Although it's not easy to apply (it's ridiculously stiff),  I really like how long lasting this lipstick is (around 5-6 hours, lasts over coffee and food).

Фавориты января

       1. Шампунь  LUSH Rehab  (Реабилитация); 2. Origins No Puffery; 3. Крем от высыпаний Effaclar Duo; 4. Помада Mac Please me.

Всем привет!
Вот и прошел январь и весна не за горами:)
Сегодня хочу поделится с вами небольшим количеством своих любимых продуктов за январь.

Подробнее в видео:


Идеальные нюдовые губы MAC please me

Всем привет!
Сегодня хочу рассказать вам о том, что я нашла идеальный для себя нюдовую помаду. 
Я долго выбирала между двумя mac please me и mac pink 

Hi everyone!
Today I'd like to share with you my opinions about nude lipsticks.
I has been  looking for  some perfect nude for such a long time and now I find it.
I was in some doubt about two mac lipsticks: please me and pink plaid.

Я долго и нудно свотчила, потом попросила нанести на губы и тогда мне все сразу стало ясно.

When I saw it on my lips It became so clear, - definitely please me!..
Слева pink plaid, справа please me.
Pink plaid on the left, please me on the right. 

На свотчах  я больше склонялась к pink plade,  а когда увидела please me на моих губах, поняла, что это идеальный нюд. 

I liked pink plaid even more but on my lips, please me looks so nice and gorgeous.. So I got it:) 

Видимо в зависимости от пигмента ваших губ цвет таких нюдовых помад очень меняется, так что я выбор сделала в пользу please me. Она матовая, приятно пахнет, не горькая на губах, очень стойкая, немного сушить губы, но я это ей прощаю:)

I love matte lipsticks from mac, it gives you good coverage, it smells so good, it's not bitter and it stays forever on your lips. It feels dry after using it but who cares:)

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