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Piñita Colada Collection |The Body Shop

I love summer collections from The Body Shop, their bath and body products smell so good! Following on from last year’s Virgin Mojito range, The Body Shop have released the Piñita Colada collection.
When you thought they couldn’t possibly get any better, they come and hit us with their best Summer collection yet!
The exotic launch just screams summer and it smells like the summer cocktail with creamy coconut and juicy pineapple. This gives it a fruity fragrance that’s sweet yet refreshing.
The collection consists of 4 products; shower gel, body butter, body sorbet and body scrub. I managed to get my hands on the other 3 tropical treats.

The exfoliating cream body scrub is my favourite out of the mini collection. This scrub is so gentle yet effective, its scrubby bits made from shredded coconut, leaves your skin so soft.

Body Sorbet*, £8
Lightweight, hydrating sorbet with a cooling burst of fresh moisture. If the summer sunshine peeking out isn’t enough to put a spring in your step then you need this in your life. It is seriously delicious! It’s very moisturising and perfectly cooling making it great for soothing pesky sunburn! Holiday must-have! 

Body Butter*, £14
The Body Shop are well known for their body butters and I do love them, but this one is different. It is so hydrating but lightweight! Body butter doesn't smell like Piñita Colada collection it smells like a tropical scented yoghurt!

The Body Shop's Pinita Colada summer collection is limited edition so make sure to pop in to one of their stores to check it out.

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Frosted Plum

the body shop christmas collection

Every Christmas, The Body Shop releases three special limited edition seasonal fragrances to capture the scent and spirit of Christmas! The Body Shop are bringing back favourite scents from previous years - Glazed Apple and Frosted Cranberry, and have added a new one to the bunch, the gorgeous Frosted Plum range.

RUS: Каждый год на Рождество The Body Shop выпускают лимитированные коллекции уходовых продуктов с потрясающими ароматами. В этом году к нам возвращается Glazed Apple (Карамельное яблоко) и Frosted Cranberry (Морозная клюква), а также появляется новая лимитка Frosted Plum (Зимняя слива).
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