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MAC Flat Out Fabulous | 50 оттенков красного

Mac  Flat Out Fabulous 


MAC Flat Out Fabulous  is a fuchsia plum shade from Mac's  Retro Matte lipstick range. One of the most unique lipsticks in my lipstick collection.

Formula is pretty much drying being retro matte, so be sure to moisturize your lips before applying. What is great about it? It lasts all day, so you don't need  to think of touching up lipstick every hour!

Bobbi Brown Razzberry | 50 оттенков красного

Bobbi Brown  Razzberry 

fifty shades of red

Bobbi Brown Razzberry 11 is a really pretty medium red-berry. Elegant, sleek and slim-line tube design, creamy and moisturising formula feels light on the lips. Razzberry is described as a matte, but it’s not as matte as Macs matte lipsticks. 

Benefit Cosmetics (UK)
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