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Benefit They're Real Tinted Primer Review | НОВИНКА Праймер от Benefit

Benefit Cosmetics has announced the launch of its new They're Real! Tinted Primer* – a lash defining and priming product that also doubles as a lightweight mascara. It tints, defines and primes lashes. You can wear it alone or under mascara to dramatically boost length and separation. 
RUS: Benefit представляют новинку - праймер для ресниц. Он окрашивает, разделяет ресницы и готовит к нанесению туши. 

NEW Benefit They're Real Mascara and Eyeliner | Новинки Цветные туши и подводки

They're Real! Mascara and Push Up Liner now comes in several new shades. Benefit is launching the They're Real! Mascara in Blue and Brown, and the They're Real! Push Up Liner in Beyond Brown, Beyond Green, Beyond Purple, and Beyond Blue.

the Porefessional License To Blot | Новинка от Benefit

New addition to the POREfession family - License to blot *. The product is an instant oil-blotting stick formulated with tiny invisible blotting spheres which give your skin an instant matte look up to 6 hours.

All 3 items in the POREfessional family have only one goal: get rid of those shiny faces!

Bold is Beautiful | Сделай брови и получи Gimme Brow

I'm sure you know how much I love Benefit cosmetics – so imagine how happy I was when I heard about the campaign they’re running for the whole of May.

Personalised Benefit Hoola Bronzer | Бронзер от Бенефит

What could be better for a make up lover than a personalised Benefit Hoola Bronzer? 

Hoola (£23.50) has been the No.1 best-selling bronzer in the UK for the last 5 years. 
Benefit sent me my very own personalised Hoola Bronzer along with their Ultra Plush Hoola Lipgloss and sample of Dream Screen. If you follow me on Instagram and Twitter you would have already seen the pictures I posted.

Benefit Brow Bar Experience | Новые брови от Benefit

Recently I was invited to Benefit Brow Bar for a complimentary brow experience. I have never waxed my brows before,  usually I just keep my brows tidy by plucking them, but Benefit knows a thing or two about brows so I went for  WAX & TWEEZE.

Coralista by Benefit | Румяна Coralista от Benefit

I am a huge fan of Benefit. I have lots of products from them which I truly love. First product I've tried was CORALista.

#RollerLash | Новинка от Benefit

Benefit is launching a brand new mascara Roller Lash for girls with short and straight lashes. Drawing inspiration from hair rollers, Benefit Team  has designed a brush that grabs, separates, lifts and curls, while the instant curve-setting formula holds the shape for 12 hours.
В начале весны Benefit выпускает в продажу новинку - новую тушь для ресниц Roller Lash.

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