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Nowadays, most of the people are using digital planner apps and to-do's, notes etc. I am a visual person and paper is my jam. I love using planners, I love that feeling of paper in your hand. 
The most difficult part for me is choosing a planner, I'm sure you understand me especially if you are a stationery lover as myself. I love pretty pens and notebooks. It helps me feel creative. When I first saw Dear Diary I knew it would be perfect for me.
This diary was created by three lovely ladies: Baiba, Zane and Kat. They  did a really good job in finding perfect structure which helps you focus on things that really matter. They made this planner for themselves so maybe that is why it has so many things I couldn't find in any planner or agenda.

The Dear Diary contains a lot more than usual diary:  

● daily to-do's
 habit tracking
● goal setting
● moodboard
● weekly overview
 inspirational quotes and visuals

One of my favourite thing about this planner is goal tracking, because now I can make sure I am meeting all my goals and what I want to achieve.
The Dear Diary Team created this diary with love, attention, and nothing but happy thoughts and you can feel it. Diary comes in black and pink with its beautiful rose gold embossed, so make sure to check their website and maybe in 2017 it will become your friend and inspire you to chase your dreams.
Use code DDYAROSLAVA at the checkout for 10% off until November 10th.


  1. С огромным удовольствием читаю твои посты на английском, и с нетерпением их жду! Ежедневник просто наимилейший. Мне кажется, даже шрифты в нем подобраны для тебя)

  2. Какой чудесный ежедневник!
    Нужно себе уже присматривать нас следующий год!)

    ♥♥♥Мой блог♥♥♥


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