SUPERFOOD | Healthy way of eating

plural noun: superfoods
  1. a nutrient-rich food considered to be especially beneficial for health and well-being.

We live in a wonderful time where thousands of labels shouting good-health claims: Whole grains! Gluten free! Vegan! Superfoods! There are plenty of healthy food and we need to make sure we are choosing nutrient-dense foods that will benefit us and improve our health, instead of processed, nutrient-void foods that can be harmful to us. If you're looking for a new healthy lifestyle Bioglan superfood range can be helpful.

If you struggle to get your 5 portions of fruit and veg every day, go for Bioglan Superfoods Supergreens, it is packed with 81 vital ingredients to contribute to complete body health. 81! Impressive, right?

Bioglan Chia and Flax is a unique combination of Organic chia seeds and milled golden flax seeds. I go for it to provide a dual natural source of plant-based Omega 3. Also I like to add Cacao + Flax + Superberries to my cereal in the morning. Combination of acai, goji, pomegranate and blueberry blended with cacao powder not only tastes good but it gives me even a mood boost.

I like starting my day with a Wheatgrass and Energy Boost  shot because of their energy-enhancing properties or Green boost to reduce tiredness and fatigue. Just add it to my juice, water or smoothie. 

Chocolate lover? Then you should try Bioglan Superfoods Cacao because it's the perfect alternative to cocoa powder in your smoothies, desserts and baking.

Eating healthily is not difficult for me because I have a kitchen full of goodies, but when you’re running around all day and suddenly get starving, it’s so easy to grab the first thing that you see. I always make sure I have some snacks on hand like Bioglan Raw Bites, Cacao + Quinoa are my favourites.  It's free fro refined sugars, added flavours, colours and preservatives.

I try to consume fruits and vegetables as much as I can because it's still definitely important but Bioglan superfoods help me to get some extra nutrition into my system. They are the most natural, complete, purest and rawest form of nutrients available.

Have you tried Bioglan Superfoods range?


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