Best eye cream ever | Kiehl's

I'm always looking for new products to find perfect thing for me and today I want to tell you about best eye cream I've ever tried.

Kiehl's  CREAMY EYE TREATMENT WITH AVOCADO  (14g pot for £20) has lovely texture, does not irritate your eyes, stays where you put it. What is more important - a little bit goes a long way, small pot will actually last you months, even when using it twice a day! It makes the skin around  eyes look smoother and brighter.

It contains naturally-derived avocado oil, it's rich, thick cream which transforms on your skin when you apply it.

Lots of people complain about this cream, that it's too heavy or greasy, but it's not if you know HOW TO apply it right. Use your ring finger to apply it, massage it on the back of your hand or between two ring fingers to break emulsion and then, gently apply along the orbital bone, without pulling the skin.

I use it morning and night and it keeps my eyes looking fresh.

I hope you'll try this eye cream and will love it as much as I do!
Have you tried it before? Let me know in the comments.


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