Why do people cry?

Do you know what  tears are? We need them to protect our eyeballs from drying ( which can cause blindness). Tears consist of water, proteins, ions, glucose, enzymes, lipids, urea and  other chemicals, including antibiotic agent lysozyme which protects against infections.
So what's the point of crying?
Do you know that crying can help to relieve stress. 
Tears contain hormone adrenocorticotropic, and it triggers production of stress chemical cortisol, so crying helps to remove ACTH from the body and thus lowering stress:)
Interesting thing that we are the only one animal who can cry. 
And crying sometimes is the only way to communicate when you can't find words.
Why do some people cry more than others?
There is a big difference between women and men. Women cry average 47 times per year, compared to 7 times per year for men.
I beg you  ask why? It's easy-peasy.  The male hormone testosterone seems to inhibit crying, while  the female hormone prolactin may lower the threshold. 
Often men and boys control their tears and it makes them feel worst. 
People feel better after crying. So, don't be shy. Cry:)


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